Pure Salt Rooms is passionate about providing our clients with a holistic health experience and offer you healthier and chemical free products. Contact me to discover the range of products we stock, or just pop in and make the change.

Little Wildling Co.

Little Wildling Co. herbal tea contains nothing but organic, wild-grown and a combination of local Australian and international ingredients, hand blended with love. Enjoy with your Salt Therapy session or take home to Hibernate & Chill with your own Wild Mr (Earl) Grey at home when you Need a Moment.

We also stock Bath Salts

  • Cleanse + Refresh BATH SALTS with Magnesium Chloride flakes + Organic Botanical Herbs.
  • Sooth + Soak BATH SALTS with Magnesium Chloride flakes + Organic Botanical Herbs


PURE.HOME.BODY products are pharmacist formulated, plant based, non-toxic, biodegradable and free from nasty chemicals. So dedicate time to your body and home; and come into Pure Salt Rooms to access these wonderful products.

  • Body wash and hand wash
  • Eco luxe cream
  • Natural baby products (coming soon)
  • Namaste room and yoga spritzer – Perfect as an air or furniture refresher, a light body perfume or diluted for a yoga mat.

Plus all the HOME products that you need for a healthy environment

Portable Pocket Size Dry Salt Inhalers

100% Natural, these are used for both mouth and nasal inhalation. The salt’s antibacterial properties act as an upper respiratory cleanser, killing germs and bacteria whilst making breathing easier.  These portable salt inhalers also improve nasal congestion and allergy discomforts.

Dry-Salt- inhalers can assist in reducing smoking as it opens up airways giving the same feeling you get when smoking. It’s small, light and offers the same hand to mouth pattern that is created with smoking. As it’s natural it is safe to use with other quit smoking aids.