Pure Salt Rooms’ ethos is grounded in the benefits of using the Earth’s natural resources to improve overall wellbeing.

Through this we promote an environment that offers health benefits to all age groups from babies through to the elderly.

What are the benefits?

  Relieve respiratory and skin conditions

  Cleanse the body of toxins, improving the immune system

  Help alleviate stress, anxiety and depression

  Improve sleep patterns and snoring issues

  Assist with sports performance and recovery

  Improve overall health and wellbeing

  Help fight the cold and flu

This is achieved because the salt is so easily absorbed by the body, as it is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine. These properties enable salt to assist the body to:

      • Reduce inflammation throughout the respiratory system
      • Reduce inflammation on the skin and improve circulation
      • Kills bacteria and viruses

The negative ionized salt particles have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities and many clients have noticed a marked increase in their immunity throughout the flu season, after undertaking Salt Therapy sessions. The salt, once inhaled, travels along the sinuses and down into the lungs, reducing mucus build-up and reducing the growth of bacteria.

Clients with skin conditions such as acne, also benefit from spending time in Salt Therapy. As it is a natural anti-inflammatory, salt can reduce the inflammation from skin conditions. By having the salt in the room’s air land on the skin, it can help realign the skin’s pH levels. Inhaling the salt particles increases the respiratory system’s capacity to provide oxygen to the circulation system, which in turn, provides greater nourishment of the skin. Both these actions, breathing and topical application of the salt, assist in relieving the symptoms of skin conditions, such as eczema.