Needing relief from respiratory or skin conditions in Mandurah?

Let Salt Therapy help you breathe easy and heal your skin; while boosting your immunity and improving your overall wellbeing.

Pure Salt Rooms provide a unique micro climate where you relax, breathe and let the salt do all the work. It is a 100% natural, non-invasive and therapeutic treatment from which your whole family can benefit.

Our treatment is easy and relaxing! It consists of breathing in the dry pharmaceutical salt particles in a private room whilst relaxing in a comfortable chair, drinking Little Wildling Co Tea or cleansing water. Pure Salt Rooms™ vision is to inspire, support and empower our clients to heal their bodies through natural therapies; and assist those with chronic and acute conditions that hold them back from experiencing an active, healthy and happy life.

We look forward to helping you and your family embrace salt therapy and discover the benefits of this natural, therapeutic treatment.


Salt Therapy has been used as a natural remedy in the relief of illnesses for several centuries. Medieval monks understood the healing properties of salt and would take their sick into the salt caves to breathe the air saturated with salt particles.

In 1843 Dr Felix Boczkowski, a mine physician, observed that the men who worked in the salt mines had fewer respiratory problems that were common through non salt mines and the community. He concluded that the salt mine air, saturated with dry salt particles had healing effects on those that were suffering. In Russia in 1987, a new system was developed to replicate the environment of the salt mines and has become popular through Europe, Scandinavia, North America and Australia assisting in the relief of symptoms from a range of conditions.